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Igetis-it is a service company founded in December 2020, specializing in the development of management software for all types of businesses; VSEs, SMEs and large companies. Thanks to its multidisciplinary teams with unique know-how, IGETIS IT offers modular, innovative and customizable platforms to guarantee better management of your activity at a lower cost, whatever your sector of activity. Integral and efficient, above all, we offer our clients a real partnership based on trust and the exchange of skills.


In a very competitive market, Igetis is distinguished by:

Solutions at the cutting edge of innovation: development with Web technology is a strategy of sustained innovation with significant investments in R&D.

International solutions: multilingual, multi-company, multi-site and multi-currency

Flexible and open solutions: our software is collaborative and offers the client the opportunity to be autonomous in the management and development of their own application.


Nous pensons toujours à L'avenir du développement virtuel

Nous apprenons chaque jour des nouveaux techniques et méthodes de travail pour améliorer nos services

Nous sommes certains que vous serez ravis de nos services : développement web simple, application web ou bureau, chartes graphiques , logos et introduction vidéo et même le sponsoring et les créations des publicités


Notre equipe igetis-it.com

Notre équipe est motivée, avec beaucoup d'expérience dans le domaine qui cherche toujours à aider ses clients pour avoir le meilleur résultat possible et dans les plus brefs délais

Our Products

 Igetis IT


ERP-TMS INNOVX is a Transport management system intended for companies specializing in transport and logistics


ERP-WMS INNOVX is a warehouse management system for companies that manage one / more logistics sites.


ERP-MMS INNOVX is a maintenance management system for monitoring and managing logistics equipment


ERP-FMS INNOVX is a fleet management system intended for companies that manage fleets / trailers

Our Services

 Igetis IT

Studies & Advice

Engineers committed to a quality and responsiveness approach. This approach concerns our internal processes, but also and above all, our actions with our customers.


Experts in the fields in which they work (Communication, Management, etc.), these mentor consultants have exercised leading responsibilities in companies.

Cloud Service

IGETIS has designed its own portal which constitutes a platform for the sale of ERP services and various other management services.

Custom Deployment

The evolution of our software and solutions through the implementation of new features.

Support & Assistance

A rich sharing department with more than 15 years of experience in the corporate world and in the field of industry.

IT support

Network experts to architect your system. An efficient architecture in license mode or in SaaS mode.

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Street Mohamed Badra Carthagene Building - Office 4-2, Montplaisir - 1073, Tunis Tunisia.
(+216) 52753082
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